Bcrypt Generator

With this tool, you will be able to generate hashes using the Bcrypt algorithm from a specific number of Rounds, as well as verify the correspondence between a certain hash and an input text. Bcrypt is a widely used hashing method to encrypt passwords due to its resistance to brute force attacks and rainbow table attacks. This algorithm adds random sequences of characters (Salt) to the password, producing complex cryptographic results and increasing security. This means that even identical passwords will generate different hashes, making it significantly more difficult for attackers to discover the original password. The term Rounds refers to the number of iterations the hashing algorithm applies to the combination of password and Salt. This customizable cost factor determines the computational complexity of the hash, making brute force attacks more difficult and time-consuming. To generate a Bcrypt hash, simply enter an input text, specify the desired number of salts, and click the 'Encrypt' button. Keep in mind that a higher number of Rounds means slower hash processing.

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