CNPJ Generator and Validator

With this tool you will be able to generate fictitious CNPJ numbers, but valid for software testing purposes, in addition to validating certain CNPJ numbers. The validation process is performed based on the calculation of its last two digits, known as check digits, which indicate the authenticity of the other digits that make up the CNPJ. Therefore, when a number is declared valid by this validator, it means that this number is in accordance with the result expected by the CNPJ algorithm. However, it does not suggest the existence or regular cadastral situation in Federal Revenue of Brazil. To check this, please visit the official website of the Federal Revenue of Brazil at this link. This tool has no connection with the Federal Revenue of Brazil, its sole purpose is to assist the developer in his testing of software. The misuse of the information obtained here is the sole responsibility of the user.
[ Wikipedia: CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica) ]
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