Brazilian CPF Generator

Generate fictitious CPF numbers for use in software testing with our CPF Generator. This tool, designed specifically for software developers and testers, generates random CPF numbers for testing and system demonstrations, thereby avoiding the use and exposure of real data. The generated numbers are formatted as in the example '999.999.999-99'. If you prefer the format without dots and dash, simply select the 'Numbers Only' option to disable this formatting. The CPF is a unique 11-digit number used to identify individual taxpayers in Brazil, and it's widely required for various purposes, such as opening bank accounts, obtaining loans or financing, applying for passports, among others. It's important to emphasize that the CPF is an official document issued by the Brazilian Federal Revenue and therefore, the fictitious CPFs generated by this tool lack legal validity. They are created exclusively for educational and testing purposes and must not be used for official purposes. The misuse of fake CPF numbers can result in serious legal consequences, and each user bears the responsibility for the proper use of the information obtained through this tool.

[ Wikipedia: CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas), CPF Number ]

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