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Choosing Emojis just got a lot easier with this tool. Find Emojis and Twemojis through their categories or keywords. Depending on the type of Emoji, it may happen that it is not rendered correctly in some browsers, even more on old devices. Thus, alternatively you can choose a corresponding Twemoji. For this, select the 'Twemoji' option so that, when clicking, the URL of its image will be copied in SVG format, thus avoiding compatibility problems. Click on the desired Emoji or Twemoji to copy and paste it anywhere.

Emojis or Emoticon (Smileys) are graphic symbols used to represent an abstract word or concept in electronic text messages, comments on social networks and on different types of web pages.

[ Wikipedia: Emoji, Smiley, Emoticon, Twemoji - Twitter’s open source emoji - Graphics licensed under CC-BY 4.0, Creative Commons - CC BY 4.0 ]
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