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Speed ​​up your website by reducing your HTML source code size, so that it can be loaded and processed faster by the web browser.

The minification process consists of removing what is redundant or unnecessary in your HTML code, such as duplicate spaces, blank lines, comments, indentations, among other elements that can be removed without affecting or compromising the code's functionality. That is, an optimized version of the source code of your HTML file will be generated (compiled).

This process can significantly reduce the file size and consequently, the page load time by the web browser, thus providing a better experience for the user with low consumption of internet bandwidth. In addition, pages that perform well tend to score better at PageSpeed ​​Insights.

Code optimization is part of SEO strategies, however it is not recommended to perform it manually, since there are tools for this purpose. If you don't use any kind of code compressor, you can use this online tool to minify your HTML easily and quickly.

We suggest that you minify your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, as well as compress the images on your website to get the best performance. All of these resources are available for free on this website.

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