Split PDF

Drag and drop your file or click in this area
Divide your PDF document into several parts, either by fixed or customized size. In which each range of pages will be converted into an independent PDF file. This tool can be used, for instance, to split a large PDF into several equal parts, resulting in smaller PDF files.

Select or drag and drop your PDF file on this webpage and choose one of the splitting options:

By fixed size: just enter the maximum page limit per file;

By customized size: enter one or more page ranges according to the numbering (position) of the pages. For example: from page 1 to page 5, from page 6 to page 8 and so on.

By fixed size, the entire file will be divided. On the other hand, by customized size, the PDF will be divided according to the specified intervals, which may include the entire file or parts. In this case, you can select some pages of the document and disregard the others.

Click the Download button to split and get the PDF files.

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