Text Converter

Our text conversion tool offers various features for you to adjust and format your text:

✓ Uppercase: converts all lowercase letters to uppercase.
✓ Lowercase: converts all uppercase letters to lowercase.
✓ Alternate: alternates each letter individually between uppercase and lowercase.
✓ Capitalize: converts the first letter of each word to uppercase, keeping the rest in lowercase.
✓ Remove Accents: eliminates all accents and cedillas from the text.
✓ Remove Line Breaks: deletes all line breaks, unifying the text into a single continuous line.
✓ Remove Blank Lines: removes any lines that contain only blank spaces.
✓ Reverse: reverses the sequence of characters in the text, rewriting the text from back to front.
✓ Hyphen-Case: replaces spaces between words with hyphens.
✓ Snake_Case: replaces spaces between words with underscores.
✓ CamelCase: removes spaces and punctuation between words, as well as capitalizing the first letter of each subsequent word.