Crop Image

Drag and drop your file or click in this area
Crop your images and photos in a simple and personalized way, using features such as zoom, rotate, mirror and adjust the exact size of the clipping area. You can use this tool to frame your photos, create photographic composition and photo collages (or photo montages) to print or share on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Insert an image and position the crop area (rectangle) over the part of the image you want to crop. To reposition the cropping area, simply move the rectangle above the image in any direction. If you want this rectangle to be positioned in the center of the image, just click on the 'Center' button. You can also resize the clipping area using the points located at the corners of the rectangle or even manually entering the height and width in the dialog box that opens when you click the 'More Options' button. Information about the size and position of the crop area is displayed just below the image. Click on the 'Scissors' button to crop the selected area in the image and download it.

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