Brazilian RG Generator

Our RG Number Generator was designed to provide dummy RG numbers for software testing and system demonstrations. This tool was specifically created for software developers and testers. It allows the generation of random RG numbers not linked to any real personal identification data, and it is exclusively intended for educational and testing purposes. The generated numbers follow a standard format, as in the example '99.999.999-9'. However, if you want a format that is only numeric, without the inclusion of points and dashes, simply select the 'Numbers Only' option. We would like to emphasize that the forgery of RG numbers is an illicit act and highly condemnable. The use of this tool for illicit purposes can result in serious legal consequences. Therefore, each user assumes full responsibility for the correct use of the information generated by this tool.

[ Wikipedia: RG (Registro Geral / Carteira de Identidade) ]

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